cout << "Hello World!\n";


We are struggling to come up with a way to start this, so I’ll just get into it. My name is Jared and—along with the help of my partner in crime activities, Zack—it has been decided that we would collaborate on this inter-web blog.

We both enjoy watching well-made television shows, reading, debating (anything), and constructively criticizing (anyone). Zack and I attend college; I study Mechanical Engineering, while Zack is more into [insert get rich quick scheme here]. As we indulge our narcissistic pursuits, we hope that our opinions or observations will yield some positive feedback, but then again our egos will probably survive. Hopefully we can have some fun working on it, and hopefully someone out there will read it… if not, I guess we are typing this for our eventual robot overlords.

’til later,


About acedizzle

talking to myself.
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