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The List

Everyone has a list of favorite tv shows, or at least they should. That list should not be finite, there is always room for ones taste to change, and for better material to be produced effectively adding itself to the … Continue reading

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Seeing Beyond Advertisements

Advertisers in popular culture today possess almost every trick in the bag to further corporate sales. The creators behind commercial advertisements no longer hesitate to graphically depict whatever product they are selling in extreme ways, often exploiting social taboos in … Continue reading

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The Wørd–New Country for Old Men [3-1-2011]

Everyone should watch this, comedy sure can be informative… The Wørd–New Country for Old Men Sadly our host does not allow embedded Flash videos, hopefully we can figure out someway to put them on the blog at some point.

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The Daily Show [Donald Rumsfeld Extended Interview]

I’m sure this will not be my only reflection on the work that Jon Stewart is doing over at Comedy Central, and let me just start out by saying: I am impressed with the transformation of The Daily Show from … Continue reading

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