Americone Dream vs. Late Night Snack

Ice Cream Flavors

The Competitors

If you saw the Colbert Report on March 3rd, you saw the Ice Cream Feud of the Century between Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. Americone Dream is my favorite ice cream, but I was interested in Late Night Snack (chocolate covered potato chips and salty caramel… could that be bad?).  So I decided to have my own little taste test to determine the superior Ben and Jerry’s flavor. The two flavors will be judged on the base ice cream flavor, the mix-in flavor, the face of the ice cream, and the ice cream name.

Base Ice Cream Flavor Winner: TIE
There is no discernible difference between the vanilla ice cream in Americone Dream, and the “vanilla bean” ice cream in Late Night Snack. None.

Mix In Flavor Winner: Americone Dream
This was the most contested category, and it really is the main difference between the two flavors. The edge went to Americone Dream, because chocolate covered waffle cone clusters are delicious. Now if it came down to intrigue, Late Night Snack would have one, because the salty potato chips were… well, intriguing. They live an interesting aftertaste in your mouth, and I liked the taste, but it was not as satisfying as the waffle cone. I will also note that the “salty caramel” was again, not discernibly different than the “normal caramel.”

Face of the Ice Cream Winner: Stephen Colbert
This one is pretty simple, it is like comparing prime rib with, I don’t know, weird peer of prime rib.

Ice Cream Name Winner: Americone Dream
I’m not going to explain this one, if you think Late Night Snack is a better name that Americone Dream… it’s too late for you.

Winner: Americone Dream

Although it appears that Americone Dream ran away with it by winning 3.5 of 4 categories, this is not the case. I recommend everyone goes out and gets some of both to try. Then come back and vote in the poll.

Stephen Colbert

The Winner

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