1,2,3,4, We declare a blog war.

American Patriot, you are so versed in your opinions that we feel the need to encourage a healthy debate about pretty much everything you’ve posted on your blog. We feel that if we elicit a response from you, we’ll be able to learn from our discussions.

Wait… we just know we’ll look 1,000 times smarter than you because you are completely misinformed and have no idea how to analyze information, much less formulate a logical, reasonable argument. You are the sole reason that this country is spinning in shit-water. Let’s start with this post: Just wonderin’…. I’m fairly certain that factoseintolerant‘s comment about sums it up. I dare you to respond. Feel free to comment/respond to any of our posts. We would love to hear more of your opinions.

In the words of Kesha: Grow a Pear.

American Patriot

American Patriot

Everyone who reads this should visit this ralph-spewing moron’s blog and berate everything he says.

About broletariat

An angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisy of our time.
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4 Responses to 1,2,3,4, We declare a blog war.

  1. I toss a pebble, and you drop a nuke. All things considered… I’m OK with it. #shotheardroundtheworld

  2. I tried to respond twice with lengthy posts but Cox is running in to technical difficulties with all the rain. I will respond to you tomorrow.

    Good day.

  3. broletariat says:

    Don’t worry, you can just respond to the post I made just for you!

  4. I will post responses as I can since I am only one person with a family and a job that take up most of my time. Also, I will post (on your blog) my responses as links to posts I write as response, tagged “Blog Wars” on my blog.

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