OMFG: Squirrels!

I don’t know if Squirrels being the highpoint of my day means I’ve had a lackluster day, or if (in fact) these squirrels are actually awesome. So I submit this story for your consideration.

After class today I was minding my own business, casually walking back home. I happened upon two squirrels vigorously chasing each other around a tree. They must have done 3 or 4 laps before they caught my eye. I’d like to think that one stole nuts from the other, but I have no idea what the beef actually was, probably has something to do with sex.

Anyhow. They continued their radial race round the tree until one caught the other. Then they both instantly dropped from the tree and the race began anew. They were sporadically darting around on the ground, eventually making their way out onto the street where an oncoming car tried to slow down, but not soon enough. One of the squirrels disappeared under the vehicle; the other was not as fortunate. The car’s bumper propelled this squirrel forward. It tumbled into a sort of air-log roll with brief intermissions to hit the ground and bounce back up.

At this moment the driver and I locked eyes. We both shared suspended disbelief and shit eating grins. Not knowing what to do with the driver’s attention, I thoughtlessly pointed at the now aviating squirrel while the driver slowly drove over it. When the car had passed both squirrels abruptly sprinted back up the tree and went back at it like the whole thing never happened.

If this story didn’t amuse you, maybe this will tickle you fancy:

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