‘Boner’oo – 2011

So, for the second time, I am again going to the music and arts festival in Manchester, TN, Bonnaroo. I urge you all to go, holy shit, it’s so much fucking fun. I decided, for my own sake, that I would write down all the bands that I wanted to see there. Then I decided I’d share it as well. Why not?

Bands I won’t miss:

1. Might as well start at the beginning of the list, Eminem. Although I don’t listen to Eminem much (I thought his latest cd was atrocious), I have to say that I’ve heard only great things about his live performances. So, I wouldn’t hate seeing him.

2. It’s been a long time coming that I got a chance to see Arcade Fire. I really wanted to go to one of their shows in Omaha about three years ago, but needless to say, I missed it. How could you not want to see Arcade Fire, *ahem* Album of the Year *ahem*.

3. The Black Keys – Yum. Last year they played at Bonnaroo, only one of the guys who went with me (to give you an idea, his nickname is Boner) insisted that we go see Wale. Wale took 45 minutes to start performing, and I could have been watching the Black Keys!?!? I don’t know how he convinced me to miss the Black Keys. The Black Keys need no summary – they’re the fucking Black Keys. Keepin’ the Blues Alive, thank god.

4. Lil Wayne – I wish it was 2006 Lil Wayne that was performing.

5. Mumford & Sons – Also returning for another year at Bonnaroo, and I didn’t see them last year. Better make sure I do this year.

6. The Strokes – Rock Band… Enough Said.

7. Bassnectar – Gotta get my ravin’ in.

8. Girl Talk – Anyone who can give up being a biomedical engineer to keep making music better be making some fat beats. And Greg Gillis is consistently making fat beats. I started listening to Girl Talk when Feed the Animals came out (thank you DonnyBagg). There isn’t a Girl Talk track I don’t like. I should be posting all of his albums in entirety on here if you haven’t listened to Girl Talk, but if you haven’t listened to Girl Talk, you more than likely live under a rock and aren’t reading this post anyway.

9. Primus – Les Claypool is a god.

10. Pretty Lights – Missed them in Omaha and Minneapolis earlier this year. Won’t happen this summer.

11. Florence + the Machine – Her voice is fantasmic.

12. Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punk, Yes Please.

13. Wiz Khalifa – Gotta give it up to the newest star in rap. I have a feeling that Wiz might start falling off soon, but I hope not. Hopefully he got the Snoop Dogg collab thing out of his system. Taylor Gang or spend the night at Chris Benoit’s house.

14. Sleigh Bells – Someone told me (this weekend) that Sleigh Bells apparently isn’t very good live? I hope this proves itself wrong. Indie genius.

15. !!! – I first heard this band 4 years ago compliments of DonnyBagg’s older brother, DickBagg. I think the reason they’ve stayed fairly under the radar is that it is almost impossible to find them on the internet unless you know what you’re looking for.

Bands I will try not to miss:

Widespread Panic, My Morning Jacket, Robert Plant, Explosions in the Sky, STS9, Greg Allman, Big Boi, Scissor Sisters, The Decemberists, Ratatat, Deerhunter, Bootsy Collins and the Funk University, Bela Fleck, Cold War Kids, Shpongle, Phosphorescent, Beats Antique, Freelance Whales.

Yum, definitely worth it.

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