The List

Everyone has a list of favorite tv shows, or at least they should. That list should not be finite, there is always room for ones taste to change, and for better material to be produced effectively adding itself to the list. The following are three additions to my top ten list, and the three shows that got to go.

Add: games of thrones

I cant say enough good shit about this series. I was hesitant at first. All my friends were raving about the show. I thought, yeah…I’m not really into castles and fantasy stuff,  so I’ll be alright skipping this one. But everywhere I went people were loving the series, and then I heard it got like 4 emmy noms so I was like whateves, I’ll watch an episode see what it’s all about. I ended up finishing the series in two nights. I don’t know how people managed to wait a whole week for the next episode when it was on TV, and I’v no f-king clue how I’m supposed to wait an entire year for the next season. I may have to do the unthinkable and crack open a book. Lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

Remove: Weeds

OMG Weeds get over yourself. I stopped watching after Agrestic burned down. I’ve managed to catch an episode her and there, but I’ve stopped watching because I don’t care for what the show has become. It had a good thing going, I was signed up to watch a series about a mother trying to make ends meat by selling a bit of pot, and I was down with them exploiting the shit out of Mary-Louise Parkers’s body. However I did not sign up for the grandiose adventure they are making it become.

Add: the sopranos

You’ve already heard everything you need to about this show. I always intended to watch this show back in the day, but I didn’t have HBO, and every season on DVD still goes for like 50 bucks. I even tried watching when it got syndicated on A&E, but I figured watching it that way would be a disservice to the makers. I finally got around to netflixing it, and yeah, its good.

Remove: Lost


I heart the first two seasons, I bore the next three seasons, and I hated the last one. I know everyone has their own opinion on the way Lost concluded, some look past the story arks that went nowhere in-order to buy into the big picture, and I would be willing to do that too, but I genuinely hate the big picture. After watching the series I did the due diligence, I read several fan-explanations, all of which went crazy in depth trying to justify the (shitty) ending. Normally I would say whatever, the series didn’t end with a big pay off, so what? The Sopranos had a pretty shitty ending, but that doesn’t seem to bother me. That’s prolly because, for me, The Sopranos ended too abruptly, and I wanted more, whereas Lost took forever to end, and when it finally did..I wished I’d never watched it at all.

A series has never made me mad. I have never watched a TV show and upon its conclusion been filled with rage, mainly because I’m not a stay-at-home mom. But Lost seriously pissed me off. I had to watch so many episodes after I (and seemingly the writers) had generally given up interest. I sat through countless child birth scenes, asinine plot twists, Jin & Sun’s stupid fucking love stories, and for what? For a “they all lived (died) happily ever after”. Fuck that. Fuck Lost.

Add: the wire

Unlike Game of Thrones, this is a show I was never told about. I’m a little perturbed at the amount of HBO subscribers who wont shut the fuck up about greasy muscle clad Vampires buttfucking each other or whatever they do in Trueblood, but don’t have the common courtesy to tell me about The Wire. I have chosen, of my own accord, not to watch Trueblood. It may be a great series, and I do not have any justifiable reason not to watch. Yet people keep telling me I have to watch it(more last year). But I have never once been told by anyone to watch the wire. Where were all these TB fans, who apparently know what I am going to enjoy (sidebar: wont stfu about it), when The Wire was on? Either they never saw it, or they are nincompoops, prolly both.

Now, it not like I have never heard of The Wire. I had heard little about the show, but at the time I always confused it with a show that was on around the same time called the Shield, which I had the occasion to watch, and did not care for. After my bout of confusion passed, I never gave The Wire a second thought.

After finishing The Sopranos I had some extra time on my hands and I wanted a similar show to fill the void the Sopranos left. I recalled an episode of The Office where The Wire was referenced, and what I got from the reference was that the show delt with drugs, and was too sophisticated for Michael to understand. After a quick check of imdb, I saw that it had a 9.7 rating and figured I could give it a try. Obviously I’m glad I DID. I LOVE THE SHOW AND ALL THE CHARACTERS (that was an accidental caps lock, but I stand by it). This is one of the best television shows ever made, ever.

 Remove: The Office

Does anyone relate to Jim anymore? Now that the Jim-Pam will they won’t they aesthetic is gone they seem like they are kinda dicks. I’m not going to go off on this, but it seems like they have a tendency to be rude and/or showboaty to the other workers, who by now seem more like their friends than just casual co-workers. Generally when everything works out for the protagonists, the stories over.

Here’s my real beef. Post season 2 the show lost its mockumentary balance; its become 80% mock and 20% umentary. With the addition of Ed Helms and the focus being taken off the relationship aspect its just lost its allure to me. All the excess time allotted to supporting characters, allows them to be become more rounded characters, and they all have their own bizarre eccentricities, a little too bizarre in some cases. But, I mean, I like the supporting characters, and all, the show is still funny, but for me it’s lost the special something that made it great.  Now it’s just another sitcom.

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3 Responses to The List

  1. Kimsie says:

    ‘nother one on tape: Arrested Development. If you can take The Wire, you can take this one too…

  2. broletariat says:

    You need to watch TrueBlood

  3. michaelkeaton says:

    Big time Arrested fan, looking forward to the movie (script reported to be half-done) but the adds are series I hadn’t seen before this year.

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