Persuit of Happyness

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(In fact, let me digress and play psychiatrist here for a moment: I sense deep seeded, misplaced anger from the above paragraph. It is not atypical for the progressive mind to be ravaged with feelings of inadequacy and anger for perceived injustices. The eventual realization that they are incapable of righting these self perceived injustices makes many of them chronically miserable. This condition, however, is apparently not their fault. In reality, they simply are unfortunate enough to have a specific variant of the DRD4 (dopamine receptor) gene which has been found by scientists at UCSD and Harvard to be responsible for progressivism (which they call liberalism – talk about misnomers! – I’ll write about this in a separate post soon) provided proper socialization has taken place. You should read up on it. I am hoping that a cure is not far behind!)

I had every intention of first giving you my answers to your four questions… But I thought I would rebut this point.

The unhappiness of liberals/progressives does stem from the idea that we are unhappy with the situation of those less fortunate than ourselves. We can look at the example of the happiest country on earth: Denmark. With an economy that I’m sure sickens you, they are able to live as the happiest people on earth. The second most peaceful country on earth and the least corrupt country in the world… once again Denmark. Best business climate in the world? Highest score on the Education Index? Excellent health care? I think you see where this is going. All of this, while still paying the highest taxes of any other country in the world. But they pay these taxes to have the world’s highest level of income equality. What don’t they have to be happy about? Is it just coincidence that all of these things occur in the same country?

Liberals/Progressives in America are unhappy when we see that the very system we believe in, is working so well in other places. You can say we are idealistic, but you cannot say our ideals cannot be reached. We are unhappy because we know that there is a better life out there for everyone, but the greed and ignorance of a few (or many) hinders us from reaching our goal. Although I may be miserable looking at the state of our country, it’s nothing compared to the joy I get knowing I’m fighting for the right thing. I’m reminded of my good friend DonnyBagg saying “It is better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.1” So before you start blaming everything on our genes, perhaps we just won’t be happy until we have something that makes us smile.

[1] To you doubters… Prove it.

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4 Responses to Persuit of Happyness

  1. You will find a response to this on my blog.
    Next time please notify me on my blog’s comment section. Thanks.

  2. “but you may as well show North Korea and Cuba as examples (where everyone is dirt poor, so there is almost perfect income equality)”
    I think that North Korea and Cuba are not at all examples of income equality. Yes, the majority of people make the same, very low, wage, but income equality is the relation between those at the 20th percentile and the 80th percentile, which would show income inequality in the countries you named.

    “by U.S. standards, it is inferior without question”
    I think you’re confused about what it is that I would like. You cite their standard of living, yet I hate our standard of living here, I don’t understand why we need 5,000 square foot homes, etc. I would rather everyone’s standard of living was at a level where everyone can live, rather than many living in poverty and the rest living in luxury. The reason their corruption is so low is probably because there are zero billionaires.

    “They are not ranked first but rather 17th”
    The last article I could find, from Forbes in 2009, found the best business climate to be Denmark. Who decided it was 17th? I Added a link on my original post (Forbes even CITES it’s environmental policies).

    “Sweden (another highly progressive/socialistic state), they have some of the world’s worst stats for mental depression”
    The majority of people in Sweden are happy, a prevalence of mental illness is a weak argument at best (especially with someone so willing to point to genetics for just unhappiness). In fact they are the fourth happiest country. Once again, I added a link on my post to the Gallup Poll results.

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