Unarguably this lady (Sophia Gould) is hot, and must be looking for complements: probably why she linked her pictures to the “Addicted to the Office” Facebook group. While I don’t entirely understand why girls are uploading pictures of themselves to this group, I also don’t frown upon it. I do have to say her pictures are, by no means, my favorite part; it’s the comments people have made on her pictures that are the real winners here.

A lot of generic platitudes, some women are mad at her in foreign languages

the 2nd one says in turkish::"there san Variac," in Hungarian "watch san Vary," and in Romanian "oradea breast Vary." so you take ur pick

most men are hitting on her in what they must consider to be clever ways, but are mostly just vulgar.I don’t quite understand why she would open herself up to the onslaught of nasty comments, but I’m glad she did, because some of them made me chuckle. Mainly this one:

authored by none other than Nesh Kutty. This post confounds me; does Nesh actually want to lick her ass? Probably, but wouldn’t he have more luck achieving his goal with a less direct route? Maybe show some congeniality, or at least worked a little harder on his English for this post. I mean, of the 5 words he chose to use to convey his message, he misspelled 2 equating to 40% of his overall message.

Did he imagine a scenario where he gets a late night response from her: “Nesh, I WAN SO DESPERATELY FOR U 2 LIK MY ASS, I BUY PLANE TICKETS TOMORROW LUV SOPHIA!”

Whatever his motive, good for him at least he’s putting himself out there, albeit with the least possible ramifications, but he is still to be commended. He is looking for love, or at least he’s being honest about his carnal desires. You go Nesh, keep making the world/internet a worse place for civilized people. And a special thank you Sophia, without who’s self-exploitation I might have spent the time it took to write this post doing something productive, but with no smile. Gracias!

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