Today marks the end of Hulu’s docudrama Battleground. Rule of thumb, if the series ends and it feels like a loved one has died, it was a great series. In its thirteen episode run my only complaint would have been that the episodes were too short. Each episode ran about 21 to 22 mins, and they definitely should have been in the 45 mins range.

Battleground is a mockumentary style show, but with more drama than humor. It focuses one the day to day of characters running a senatorial campaign. It’s much more realistic than the West Wing, and I’d say all and all, its a better series.

Hulu has been making original program for just over a year now (as far as I know) and this is the first program of theirs that I’ve watched (I also watched a series they had called Whites, but I believe that was made by BBC, not sure) and to be honest had little faith that a website could compete with the big network stations. But this show was far better (in my opinion) than most of the network shows.

It’s not for everyone, If you don’t like politics you prolly wont love it like I did, but if you aren’t an idiot I would definatly recommend this to you.


Some Questions were left unanswered So Hoping for a Second Season

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